Cookies and keeping safe online


This site uses minimal cookies in order for some parts of it to work correctly. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or device to help analyse how you use websites or store preferences. These text files can show that you've visited this website.

If you think you are in danger, you should cover your tracks by clearing your history.

The Live Chat facility will also generate a cookie called ‘whoson’.

Clearing your browser history


How our statistics work

We don't track or store your IP address or anything specific about your PC, Mac or mobile device. Since we don't store an IP address or other device identifier, we could never know who a search came from - only that it happened. We know the search happened because we track clicks and search queries - this information only tells us what page you're on, the country you're in, your screen size and which web and operating systems you're using. Nothing stored can be attributed to your specific PC, Mac or mobile device.

Why we store statistics

We store statistics to help the site in several ways

  • To find out whether there are more requests for a specific type of crime - both in general, but also perhaps at certain times of the year, or after a certain event has occurred.
  • To find out if certain providers are more popular than others, as this will tell us if we need to find and enlist more specific providers for certain types of crime.
  • Generally improving the visibility of popular areas, or finding out how popular any campaigns we run have become.

Why don't we provide a way to opt out?

In order to allow you to opt-out of the above data collection, we would have to either store a piece of data (a cookie) on your device to tell us you'd opted out, or store your IP or other specific information about your device on the server to enable us to know this whenever you came back. We don't want to do this, as it could cause a breach of your privacy, and is therefore against the help our site is trying to provide.


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